The Virgin Islands Board of Education established four (4) standing committees to oversee the duties of the Board:

  • Policies, Rules and Regulations
  • School Plants and Facilities
  • Public/Private Liaison
  • Professional Staff Certification & Higher Education

All standing committees meet at regular intervals. Furthermore, the Board has an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.

The responsibilities of each standing committee is as follows:

Policies, Rules and Regulations

  • Researches and writes all school policies
  • Drafts policies for committee’s review, public comment and full Board approval
  • Committee Members: Winona A. Hendricks (Chair), Judy Gomez, Esq., James Provost, Martial Webster, Esq.

School Plants and Facilities Committee

  • Oversees all Department of Education buildings inclusive of all schools and administrative office buildings in the Territory
  • Conducts regular site visits to provide recommendations for repairs and improvements.
  • Committee Members: Jeanette Smith-Barry (Chair), Kyza A. Callwood, MPA, Terrence T. Joseph, Mary L. Moorhead

Public/Private Liaison

  • Identifies strategies to engage the community and education stakeholders in the Board’s programs
  • Forms partnerships with the private sector to promote the goals and visions of the board through activities such as radio appearances and town hall meetings
  • Committee Members:James Provost (Chair), 

Professional Staff Certification & Higher Education

  • Reviews the credentials of professional staff to ensure each candidate is qualified for certification in accordance to the Board’s policies
  • Sponsors courses and workshops that provide materials for professional staff applicants seeking certification
  • Committee Members: Kyza A. Callwood, MPA, (Chair), James Provost, Jeanette Smith-Barry, Martial Webster