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Kyza A. Callwood, PhD

School District


Dr. Kyza A. Callwood, new generation of leadership for change, is a graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands with a Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration (magna cum laude) and Associate of Arts Degree in Business Management. He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change and a Graduate Certificate in Education/Academic Leadership for Change. His pursuit of his doctorate stemmed from a strong desire to assist in inspiring, challenging and nurturing the minds of the youth, particularly in his home, the United States Virgin Islands. It is his belief that obtaining this degree would be the perfect tool to propel him forward in his quest to serve as a resource to the community in youth development. Also, Dr. Callwood is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified, Six Sigma Green Belt in HR Certified, Certified Project Officer, PC Hardware Professional, Certified Business Office Manager, Lean Culture Certified, Certified Ethics Associate and National Association of Federal Credit Union’s Certified Volunteer Expert (NCVE).


Dr. Callwood is an elected member of the Virgin Islands Board of Education, and he thanks the people of the Virgin Islands and his former teachers, current teacher advisers, and administrators in the public school system for their continued trust, support, and faith. He believes that in order to promote active participation and facilitate all styles of learners and abilities, thereby enhancing both the academic and social dexterity of students, the VI Board of Education has developed a force formula of cultivating strong working relationships with students, parents, partners, and colleagues to sustain a positive and nurturing school community. Also, he noted that student success is the primary focus of education, and he has become an active proponent and expert for student success with an enthusiastic model approach that will encourage students to rise to the occasion, reach for the star of success and realize their dreams. Dr. Callwood is the current Chairman of the Board, and member of the Board’s School Plants and Facilities, Internal Controls and Executive Committees.


Last but certainly not least, Dr. Callwood believes strongly in the quote, “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow but do good anyway.”