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VI Board of Education Celebrates Notable Virgin Islanders, History, Culture, and Women

Each year students, teachers, parents and the entire community have an opportunity to highlight the many accomplishments of Virgin Islanders, Inspirational Women leaders and express our love for our history and culture.  In acknowledging the importance of celebrating Virgin Islands History and culture, Virgin Islands Board of Education Chairperson, Arah C. Lockhart, said “Virgin Islands history and culture is an important element that should be passed down from generation to generation. It would help each member of the community to remain in touch with their cultural heritage and inner strength.”

All across the territory there will be many celebrations in our schools and public places.  Whether you participate in these celebrations or not, the Board encourages each person to mark this year’s Virgin Islands and Women’s History Month in some unique and personal way, such as:

·         Joining hands with others while singing all four verses of the Virgin Islands March developed by Band master Alton Adams.

·         Listening to “Valiant Virgin Isles” by Gilchrist Sprauve.

·         Reading the “Virgin Islands Child” poem by Larry Sewer.

·         Embracing PI Day, which is a concept in Math, on March 14.

·         Finding new ways to connect with our Virgin Islands culture.

·         Researching information about two outstanding Virgin Islanders as well as inspirational women leaders in Virgin Islands history who have made an indelible impact in our


·         Donating at least two well kept books to a school library of your choice that includes information about culture, arts, history, education, civics, etc.


The Virgin Islands Board of Education supports the engagement of Virgin Islands History each and every day!


For more information, please contact our offices in St. Croix at 340-772-4144 or in St. Thomas at 340-774-4546.



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