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Virgin Islands Board of Education Chairman, Dr. Kyza A. Callwood shares the importance of Completing the Academic Pursuits and Learning Survey

As Chairman of the Virgin Islands Board of Education, I want to emphasize the critical importance of your participation in the upcoming survey regarding academic pursuits and learning starting March 25, through March 29, 2024.

Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of education in our community. By sharing your insights, experiences, and concerns, you directly contribute to the development of policies and initiatives that will enhance the learning environment for all students.

Parents, your perspective provides crucial insight into the support systems and resources needed to ensure your child’s success. Your input helps us better understand how to foster a collaborative partnership between schools and families, ultimately leading to improved academic outcomes.

Students, your voice matters. Your feedback helps us understand your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. By sharing your thoughts on curriculum, instruction, and support services, you empower us to create a learning environment that nurtures your growth, development, and success.

Completing the survey is an opportunity to advocate for positive change and to ensure that your voices are heard. Your participation is instrumental in driving improvements that will benefit the entire educational community.

I urge both parents and students to take the time to complete the survey thoughtfully and honestly by visiting under Resources and then clicking on the Surveys section. Together, let’s work towards creating a brighter future for education in the Virgin Islands.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in education.

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