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Warm Wishes for Public School Week

As Public-School Week is among us, the Virgin Islands Board of Education (VIBE) is delighted to extend heartfelt wishes for a joyous and successful celebration. From February 26th through March 1st, 2024, we join Chairman Dr. Kyza A. Callwood in sending our best regards to all who contribute to the vibrancy and excellence of our public schools.

During this special week, VIBE proudly acknowledges the dedication and efforts of educators, administrators, students, and families who make our public schools thriving hubs of learning and development. With innovative approaches and unwavering commitment, our public schools continue to shape the futures of our youth and communities.

Chairman Dr. Kyza A. Callwood underscores the significance of recognizing and supporting our public schools, remarking, “Public School Week is an opportunity to honor the dedication and resilience of everyone within our public education system. Let us take this moment to celebrate our progress and reaffirm our commitment to providing exceptional education for all students, irrespective of background or circumstance.”

Join us in extending warm wishes and gratitude during Public School Week as we come together to celebrate the invaluable contributions of our public schools. Together, let’s continue to champion and strengthen public education for generations to come.

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